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Month: May 2020

My Scalp Micropigmentation Journey

When I first heard about scalp micropigmentation, I had never seen anyone with the procedure or seen any ads for it. The more I researched about scalp micropigmentation, the more intrigued I became. So, in 2014 I decided to become a scalp micropigmentation specialist. As one of the first practitioners in Canada, it was difficult to…
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How does my diet affect hairloss

How Diet and Nutrition Affects Hair Loss

My scalp micropigmentation clients often ask me if their diet affects their hair loss. The short answer is: yes, unhealthy diets can result in sudden hair loss. My clients are mostly physically fit men who are very invested in their physical appearance and health. As such, they attend the gym regularly to stay in shape…
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Client with SMP done by Renata

Can Hair Loss Affect Your Mental Health

By the time men enter their 50s, most will have noticeable hair loss. Going bald is so common that it should be considered a rite of passage of being male. It is more unusual for a man to make it to his 60s with a full head of hair than not; but alas, male pattern…
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