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Renata Pruszewski

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When I first heard about scalp micropigmentation, I had never seen anyone with the procedure or seen any ads for it. The more I researched about scalp micropigmentation, the more intrigued I became. So, in 2014 I decided to become a scalp micropigmentation specialist. As one of the first practitioners in Canada, it was difficult to find a reputable company where I could train to be the best.

photo - a man in looking at the mirror while a woman beauty expert is performing a treatment on his scalp

Becoming a master.

I decided to do my initial training with an established American scalp micropigmentation company. After completing the program, I opened a Canadian studio for the company in Hamilton, Ontario. As the years went by, a network of scalp micropigmentation technicians formed where we could exchange knowledge and ideas. This inspired me to learn everything about scalp micropigmentation— so I travelled to the UK to get Master Training from highly experienced specialists.

Mastering the craft.

This is where I attended Scalp Guru’s 1st conference for SMP artists. Meeting all the other technicians in person, building friendships and networking, gave me new energy and vision. Since then, I broke out on my own and have received multiple international scalp micropigmentation awards. I’ve also spoken on expert panels across the world sharing my knowledge and demonstrating my SMP skills. Now based out of Oakville, Ontario, I have helped hundreds of people regain their confidence through the art of scalp micropigmentation.

As seen on the Toronto Star

“One of the most difficult things facing many men (and women) is hair loss. Losing hair can shake confidence, cause feelings of anxiety and…”

As seen on the Best Health Magazine

“As soon as I hit my late forties, I started noticing sparse patches of hair on my head. After weighing my treatment options, I decided to get a hairline tattoo—here’s what happened….”

As Featured on ScalpGuru

“I recommend just three Canadian clinics, two in Ontario and one in Alberta. The first is Beauty Amplified Studio in Hamilton, headed by a very talented technician called Renata Pruszewski…”

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We’re all in this together

It is not easy to age and see the changes in your body. Hair loss is alarming at 55, depressing at 25, and shocking at 18. The difference between women and men dealing with these insecurities is men don’t talk about them fearing ridicule or judgement for being too sensitive, vain or egocentric. Because of bottling it all in, a lot of men become depressed and withdrawn from a social life.

I believe that scalp micropigmentation is the best modern solution for hair loss and balding. Scalp micropigmentation is a non-surgical, non-invasive and permanent procedure with instant visible results after just one session. No down time like with hair transplants, no medications with side effects, no messy sprays or fibers. SMP is very cost effective— usually a fraction of the cost of hair transplants and in the long run less expensive than hair systems, hair fibers or Rogaine.

Scalp micropigmentation will change your life!

What I love the most about SMP transformations is the way it builds confidence in my clients. With every session, their smile is bigger. They stand up taller, hold eye contact longer, there is a sparkle in their eyes again and finally start leaving their hats at home. I keep in touch with many of my clients, so many times I hear they started going out more, started dating again or going out for nice dinners with their partners, or doing more activities with their kids like swimming, bike riding and going on roller coasters. Their life often changes for the better and they get promotions at work because they become more outgoing and confident.

photo - a technocial with a tattoing amchine in hand applying scalp micropigmentation to a patient's scalp
photo - a micro pigmentation tatoo tool

Your Safety Comes First!

With a solid foundation in the medical and dental field, I have dedicated over 25 years to working closely with patients in dental offices. Throughout my career, I have placed great emphasis on infection control and disinfection, recognizing its utmost importance. Our commitment to maintaining a safe and hygienic environment is evident through our strict adherence to Health Department guidelines and regular license renewals, ensuring we are in good standing with the local Health Department.

To guarantee the highest level of quality and safety, we exclusively provide top-notch inks and needles, carefully selecting medical-grade disinfectants and cleaning solutions. Your well-being is our top priority, and we take extensive measures to ensure it. Our practice upholds the highest standards of universal precautions and infection control, creating a secure environment for our clients during the SMP procedure.

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Be Bold, Not Bald.

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