How To Choose The Best Scalp Micropigmentation Artist

In recent years, scalp micropigmentation has become one of the best solutions to deal with male pattern baldness. Many scalp micropigmentation practitioners have opened up in the Greater Toronto Area, however; many do not have a lot of industry experience.

These so-called scalp micropigmentation practitioners provide a variety of other services and never master the art of scalp micropigmentation. Many of these establishments offer scalp micropigmentation at discounted prices to bring in a quick buck. Beware of these places. Most of the time you get what you pay for!

Every now and then, I will be approached by a client who is looking for an experienced specialist to fix a botched scalp micropigmentation job. Unfortunately, most of the time it is too late, and they must undergo multiple laser tattoo removal sessions, which are expensive, painful and can take months to remove completely. To avoid all these problems, do your due diligence and research the procedure as well as your technician. Consider the following:

How long has the artist been doing SMP?

Find out from your clinic how long your chosen practitioner has been working in the scalp micropigmentation industry. If it is only a short period of time, it is ok to ask where they trained. Academies are often very approachable if you wish to double-check the technician’s credentials.

Do they specialize in SMP or only do it from time to time?

The best scalp micropigmentation artist is one who purely specializes in scalp micropigmentation. A true scalp micropigmentation technician will never try to upsell you an additional procedure that involves surgery or transplant. Scalp micropigmentation will create natural results on its own, when done by the right artist.

Is their business licensed?

A reputable scalp micropigmentation artist should have their business license and is registered or licensed with local governing bodies such as the health department.

Do they have a scalp micropigmentation portfolio?

The best scalp micropigmentation artists will have an extensive portfolio of original images. Featuring images of various clients from different angles. Their work should exemplify a variety of scalp micropigmentation procedures performed on people of different skin types and colours. Beware, some big franchises may use stock pictures or pictures from more experienced artists.

Is the artist recognized in the SMP community?

Make sure the scalp micropigmentation artist you choose is recognized positively in the SMP community. Do your research. A google search should provide reviews on the business. Have they trained other practitioners? Have they won any awards or recognitions for their work?

The human factor

Get to know your artist. Scalp micropigmentation sessions can last anywhere from 2-3 hours. This is someone you will be spending a lot of time with in very close proximity. Make sure that the artist you pick is someone you are comfortable with. As the years go by, you might reach out for touch-ups, meaning you will be in touch with your specialist for years to come.

These are the main things you should be checking for when choosing a scalp micropigmentation artist. SMP is a permanent procedure and there is no room for error. It is very visible, and I wouldn’t advise just going with the cheapest or the closest technician. Good luck…or should I say… do your homework.

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