Hair Systems VS Scalp Micropigmentation

In today’s world, balding is a common issue for many men. Luckily, there are several solutions to tackle hair loss, including surgery, scalp treatments, and hair systems like mens toupees, men’s hair pieces, and other hair attachments for men. However, while these options offer a quick solution, they also come with challenges such as maintenance, discomfort, and the risk of slippage.

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), or the tattoo of hair, has emerged as an innovative alternative. It’s a non-surgical procedure that creates the illusion of a full buzz cut by applying tiny tattoo dots on the scalp, providing immediate results with minimal downtime.

In this post, we’ll compare traditional hair systems, including hair system for men and hair replacement systems, with SMP. We’ll look at the features of each and discuss their price range to help you decide which solution is more cost-effective and suitable for your needs. Whether you’re exploring hair systems in Toronto or considering SMP in Oakville, we aim to provide the information you need to make an informed decision and restore your confidence.

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What Are Hair Systems for Men?

Hair systems are non-surgical solutions that help men combat hair loss by covering bald spots and thinning areas, giving the appearance of a full head of hair. These systems are attached to the scalp using adhesives, clips, or tapes and are customized to match the individual’s hair color, texture, and style.

Men’s Hair System Types

Mens Toupee

A mens toupee is a small, discreet hairpiece that specifically targets the crown area of the head. It’s an ideal choice for men experiencing hair loss primarily on the top of their heads.

Full Coverage Hair Pieces

Full coverage hair pieces are designed to cover larger areas of the scalp, providing a solution for men with more extensive hair loss. They can be styled to blend seamlessly with existing hair, offering a natural and full appearance.

Versatile Hair System Solutions

Hair system solutions for men come in various forms, including partial coverage for specific areas and full coverage for more extensive hair loss. They offer flexibility in addressing different patterns and stages of balding.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Non-surgical hair replacement encompasses a broad range of solutions, from simple hair pieces to advanced hair systems. These options provide a natural-looking full head of hair without the need for invasive procedures.

Custom Hair Systems in Toronto

In Toronto, specialized hair replacement services offer custom-designed hair systems to cater to the unique needs of individuals. These services provide personalized solutions, ensuring a perfect match with one’s natural hair.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

photo - smp before and after images, a better option than male hair systems

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a revolutionary technique in the hair loss industry, often referred to as a hair tattoo or micro scalp pigmentation. It offers a cosmetic, non-surgical solution for various hair loss issues, providing a natural-looking, low-maintenance alternative to traditional hair replacement methods. 

Scalp Micropigmentation offers a durable and aesthetic solution for hair loss, with results that can last several years. Whether you’re dealing with a receding hairline, thinning crown, or complete baldness, SMP provides a confidence-boosting and stylish option that requires little to no daily upkeep.

Who Would Benefit From SMP

SMP is versatile and suitable for a wide range of individuals:

  • Early Thinning: For those experiencing the initial stages of hair loss, SMP can create an illusion of denser hair, effectively masking areas of thinning.
  • Advanced Baldness: Individuals with significant hair loss can benefit from SMP, as it simulates a full head of closely shaved hair, restoring a youthful hairline.
  • Beard Enhancement: SMP isn’t just for the scalp; it can also be used to enhance the appearance of beards, filling in patches and creating a fuller, more defined look.
  • Scar Camouflage: For those with scars from hair transplants or injuries, SMP can blend these areas seamlessly with the surrounding hair, reducing their visibility.
  • Hair System Users: Individuals transitioning from traditional hair systems or mens toupee to a more permanent solution may find SMP to be a suitable alternative.

How the Procedure Works

photo - woman performing a scalp micropigmentation procedure to a man instead of itchy hair systems

  • Pigment Application: Using micro-needles, a skilled practitioner applies natural pigments to the scalp, creating thousands of tiny impressions that replicate the look of hair follicles.
  • Customization: The pigment color is matched to your natural hair, and the hairline is designed to suit your facial structure and preferences, ensuring a personalized and natural outcome.
  • Session Structure: SMP typically requires 2-4 sessions, each lasting a few hours, with a week or two in between for the scalp to heal. The gradual buildup of color and density allows for a subtle and natural transformation.
  • Aftercare: Post-procedure care is minimal. Initially, it’s important to protect the scalp from excessive moisture and sunlight. After the healing period, regular washing and moisturizing will maintain the appearance of the SMP.

Mens Hair System VS SMP Top Features

When comparing mens hair systems and Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), it’s important to consider the distinct features each option offers:

SMP Top Features

Non-Invasive and Minimal Downtime

SMP is a non-surgical procedure, meaning no incisions or stitches are involved. The process requires minimal downtime, allowing clients to return to their daily activities shortly after each session.

Immediate, Natural-Looking Results

SMP provides immediate results after each session. The tiny pigment dots closely mimic the appearance of real hair follicles, offering a natural and subtle look that enhances your existing hairline or creates the illusion of a full head of shaved hair.

Low Maintenance and Long-Lasting

One of the significant advantages of SMP is its low maintenance. Unlike hair systems, there’s no need for daily styling or frequent replacements. The results can last for several years, with only occasional touch-ups needed to maintain the color and density.

Suitable for All Stages of Hair Loss

SMP is versatile and effective for all levels of hair loss, from early thinning to complete baldness. It’s also an excellent option for those looking to conceal scars or enhance the density of thinning areas.

Hair System for Men Features

photo - a guy sitting at a cafe looking troubled and itching his itchy mens toupee

Customizable to Match Natural Hair

Hair systems, including men’s toupees, hair pieces, and hair attachments for men, can be customized to match your natural hair color, texture, and style. This customization ensures that the hair system blends seamlessly with your existing hair, providing a cohesive look.

Can Provide Coverage for Larger Areas

For those with extensive hair loss, hair systems can cover larger areas of the scalp, offering a solution that SMP might not be able to achieve alone. This makes them a suitable option for individuals looking to regain a full head of hair.

Requires Regular Maintenance

Unlike SMP, hair systems require regular maintenance to keep them looking their best. This includes cleaning, reattaching, and styling, which can be time-consuming and may require professional assistance.

Can Cause Discomfort and Requires Careful Attachment

Some individuals may experience discomfort, itching, or irritation from the adhesives used to attach hair systems. Additionally, ensuring the hair system stays securely in place can be a concern, especially during physical activities or windy conditions.

When deciding between a mens hair system and SMP, it’s crucial to consider your lifestyle, the level of maintenance you’re willing to commit to. Both options have their unique advantages, and the right choice will depend on your personal preferences and hair loss needs.

Hair System Toronto VS SMP Price Range

The cost of hair systems and Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) can vary based on several factors. Here’s a general breakdown of what you might expect to pay for each option:

Hair System Costs

  • Initial Cost: The price of a high-quality hair system, such as a mens toupee or a full hair replacement system, can range from $500 to $3,000, depending on the materials used and the level of customization.
  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance, including cleaning, reattaching, and styling, can cost between $100 and $300 per month.
  • Replacement: Hair systems typically need to be replaced every 6 to 12 months, adding to the long-term cost.

SMP Costs

  • Initial Cost: The price for a full SMP treatment typically ranges from $400 to $4,000, depending on the extent of hair loss and the number of sessions required.
  • Maintenance: SMP requires minimal maintenance, with touch-ups recommended every 4 to 6 years, costing around $500 to $1,000.

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Consider SMP Today

At Scalp Amplified Studios, we specialize in personalized scalp micropigmentation treatments that deliver natural-looking results. Our expert Renata Pruszewski (an SMP pioneer in Canada!) is dedicated to helping you regain your confidence and achieve the look you desire. 

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