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How my view of SMP and approach to clients, changed over the years.

When I started seriously thinking about scalp micropigmentation years ago, I’d never seen anyone with the procedure done nor did I see many advertising for it.  I was one of the first in Ontario and in all of Canada who started specializing in SMP.  There was a couple of big chain companies offering SMP in the Toronto area with main offices in Europe.  The more I started researching the subject, the more intrigued I became.  At that time there wasn’t a lot of information about it and it was difficult to find a reputable company where I could train. 

Initial scalp micropigmentation training

I went to the US for my initial training and became a Toronto/ Hamilton location for that company.   A couple of years later a network of technicians started forming where we would exchange knowledge and ideas.  I had decided to learn as much as possible about Scalp Micropigmentation and went to the UK for master training with technicians who had more experience.   During that same trip I attended the 1st conference for SMP artists organized by the Scalp Guru in London UK.

Meeting all the other technicians in person, and building friendships and networking, gave me new energy and vision.   Since then, I have been the recipient of many international awards and have been invited across the world to be a speaker on expert panels presenting my knowledge and skill in Scalp Micropigmentation.

We’re all in the same boat

Lets travel back in time….for years I have been very astute to how women think and feel about their looks.  From a very young age, women are bombarded by images and social ideals.  We’re constantly told by social media, magazines, movies and other media how we should look, what men find attractive, and what other women think is beautiful.  We are conditioned and end up comparing ourselves against celebrities, models and actresses from a very young age.   We all want to have a perfect figure with small waist and round hips;  beautiful eyes with long lashes;  full, sexy lips;  long, shiny, luscious hair;  full breasts….I am sure you get the picture by now.  On top of that our makeup has to be perfect , hair done and we are expected to dress a certain way.

Saying all that, I always thought that MEN HAVE IT SO EASY.  Honestly, I wasn’t the only one, all my friends and other women I talked to thought that men don’t really care about how anybody perceives them.  We know that most men like building their muscles and staying strong and some like to dress up nice from time to time when going out.

That’s it, simple and easy, no starvation diets, no makeup, no spending hours in front of the mirror, no stress about the way they look.   Well, was I ever wrong !!!  After working with a lot of male clients, my eyes opened to the new reality and I understood how similar their feelings and insecurities are.

Youthfulness is a state of mind

It is not easy to age and see the changes in your body and seeing hair loss is alarming at 55 and definitely shocking and depressing at 25 or as young as 18-20 years old.  The only difference between women and men dealing with those insecurities is that men never talk about them and keep them bottled up inside, out of the fear of being laughed at by their friends, feeling that they are being judged that they are not masculine enough, feeling that people will think they are vain and ego centric and sensitive. A lot of them become depressed and withdrawn from the social functions.

I believe that Scalp Micropigmentation is the best, modern solution for hair loss and balding.   Scalp pigmentation is non surgical, non invasive,  permanent procedure with instant visible results after just one session.  No down time like after hair transplants, no medications with side effects, no messy sprays or fibers.  It is very cost effective, usually a fraction of the price of hair transplants and in the long time less expensive than hair systems and hair fibers or Rogaine.

How SMP can transform your life

What I love the most about SMP transformations is the way it builds the confidence in my clients.  With every session I see bigger smiles, they stand up a little taller with the chin up, they hold eye contact longer, there is a sparkle in their eyes again, they start dressing up better and finally start leaving their hats at home.  So many times I hear they go out more and start dating again or going out for nice dinners with their wife, or doing more activities with their kids like swimming, bike riding and going on roller coasters. Their life often changes for the better and they get promotions at work because they become more outgoing and confident.

Let’s face it  CONFIDENCE IS SEXY and sometimes that little HAIRLINE, even though it’s so subtle it has a huge impact.