How To Get Scalp Micropigmentation During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The recent string of pandemic lockdowns have taken an emotional toll on everyone. During these difficult times, many of us are stressed out about money, jobs, and an uncertain future. Between working from home, or not working at all, you’d think hair loss would be the least of your worries. But perhaps now that you have more time to concentrate on yourself, you are paying more attention to that growing bald spot on your scalp, or the hair that seems to be getting thinner everyday. You can tell it’s not getting better and if anything, due to increased stress levels, it’s just getting worse. Scalp micropigmentation will put an end your hair-related worries.

Stop worrying about your hair loss with scalp micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a life changing procedure that will restore your hairline almost instantly. With only one session you will immediately notice the outline of your hairline and extra density on the top and crown. With each additional session, the density and color builds in the scalp to help it look fuller and blend better with the existing hair. Scalp micropigmentation is non-invasive, and the scalp heals quickly within a few days.

Seamlessly upgrade your look during the lockdown

Improving your image during a time when most people are working from home is perfect, because it gives you time to heal and adjust without attracting attention from friends and co-workers. Why not be bold and shave your head completely? After all, it will grow back in a couple of weeks if you don’t like it. For those who style their thinning hair with lots of products, sprays, and hair fibers, buzzing whatever is left provides a sense of freedom and makes getting ready in the morning that much easier.

Make the most out of your baldness with scalp micropigmentation

Adding SMP to your new shaved look will enhance your features. And it will be an exciting and easy transition for those who are already shaving or buzzing their heads. It’s like you are halfway there already. Most scalp micropigmentation clients will go through a few days of adjustment as they get used to the look, and soon enough, they fall in love with it for the sheer ease of maintenance that comes with it. 

Let’s not forget the way you present yourself is crucial to success. For those who work from home during the pandemic and have webcam meetings, having a crisp hairline frames your face and makes you look younger and more attractive. Scalp micropigmentation gives you newfound confidence which will help you excel at your job.

But that’s not all. If you work outside, meet people face-to-face, go grocery shopping, live in a condo, etc. You still must wear a mask!  With most of the face covered, the eyes tend to gravitate towards the top part of the face and head. People notice your eyes and yes… your thinning hair or hair loss.

We care about your safety

Scalp micropigmentation puts an end to all those worries with a couple of sessions and no visible downtime. Scalp Amplified Studios follows strict standards for infection control and prevention, all our needle cartridges are sterile, 1-time use, and are disposed of properly in a sharps container. All our machines and cords are wrapped in a plastic barrier film to prevent cross contamination. All hard surfaces are disinfected with medical grade disinfectants. And of course, hand sanitizer is available in every room and masks are worn all the time.

We do our best to keep everyone safe during the pandemic and ask that if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 to rebook your appointment at no additional cost. For more information about scalp micropigmentation or to book your consultation please contact us at  

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