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Experience Scalp Renewal in Niagara Falls

Just as the majestic Niagara Falls is a testament to nature’s power, Scalp Amplified Studios showcases the transformative power of Scalp Micropigmentation. Let the beauty of Niagara be reflected on your scalp.


Why Niagara Trusts Scalp Amplified Studios

  • Natural Aesthetics: Drawing inspiration from the falls, our SMP treatments in Niagara aim to mimic nature’s authenticity.

  • Tourist-friendly: Conveniently located for both residents and tourists, our Niagara clinic offers world-class SMP treatments.

  • Artistry Meets Technique: In the backdrop of Niagara’s splendor, our experts craft SMP treatments that are both an art and a marvel.

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Being a 1 hour drive to Oakville from Niagara Falls, we service plenty of residents from the area.

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