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Stop Worrying About Hair Transplant Scars

From every wound, there is a scar, and every scar tells a story. A story that says, “I survived.”

Scars are the result of injury or surgery on the skin. Many scalp micropigmentation (SMP) clients have scars on their scalps from hair transplants or accidents. When scars remain after a hair transplant, plugs, or scalp reduction, many feel self-conscious and don’t want to be reminded of them every time someone asks. Also, scars on the scalp tend to be more visible. For example, strip scars from FUT create a long line from one side of the head to the other (usually above the ear area).

SMP Can Help Hide Transplant Scars

Of course, many clients want these types of hair transplant scars to be covered, and “blend” more with surrounding tissue. In the past, hair plugs created rounded patches at the location where the skin and hair follicles were harvested from. This is not the case anymore as the results were not esthetically pleasing. The newer version of hair transplants is the technique known as FUE (follicular unit extraction). It leaves very small scars, that can be camouflaged with scalp micropigmentation.

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How to Conceal Hair Transplant Scars With SMP

Scalp micropigmentation can help reduce the contrast between the scar and surrounding areas. However, no matter how well SMP is performed on a scar, it will not make the scar disappear and it will not change the texture of the scar. When the skin heals it lays down a heavily interwoven layer of collagen fibers to close the wound as quickly as possible. This creates scar tissue (texture or denseness) that is sometimes bumpy.

Minimize the Look of Hair Transplant Scars

During the injury or cut, the skin swells up, and even when the doctor sutures it closed, sometimes it pulls and tries to open due to swelling of the adjacent area, creating a thicker (wider) scar. With deeper scars, there can be nerve damage which makes the scar either more or less sensitive than the rest of the scalp.

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Scar Camouflage With Scalp Micropigmentation

Scar camouflage with scalp micropigmentation can minimize the visibility of the scar. Individual results vary depending on the scar. We at Scalp Amplified, Toronto are aiming at minimizing the visibility of the scar by about 40-60%, anything above that is a bonus. The smaller, flatter, and thinner the scar is, the better the result after scalp micropigmentation camouflage. Scar camouflage is a procedure that is never done in one session. The process must be performed over a few weeks to slowly add color and density into the scar.

For more information please contact us for a free consultation to discuss your needs. Renata will be more than happy to check your scar and give you more information about the process.

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