How To Protect Yourself From The Sun Before And After Scalp Micropigmentation

There’s nothing quite like a sunny summer day. Barbeques, camping trips and beach outings are just a few of many summer activities that allow us to recharge and spend much needed time outdoors. But with prolonged time outside, also comes prolonged sun exposure, which can be harmful to your skin and speed up scalp micropigmentation fading. In this article you will learn how to protect your scalp from the sun before, during and after scalp micropigmentation.

How to protect your scalp from the sun before SMP

Shave your head a couple of weeks before your 1st session and expose your scalp to a few sun rays without getting a sun burn. Ideal times for this are before 11:30 AM and after 4:00 PM when the sun is not at its strongest. This will even out your skin color so the neck and forehead do not appear darker than the scalp. Use a hat or SPF 30+ sunscreen during the day if you are outside for more than 30 minutes. Be advised your SMP sessions will not take place if your scalp has a fresh tan or if the skin on the scalp is sun burned.

Preparing for SMP if you wear a hair system

If you wear a hair system and would like to transition to scalp micropigmentation, it is recommended you remove the piece on a daily basis or even full-time and let the skin “breathe”. As stated above, slowly expose it to the sunlight in the morning and evening hours.

Sun protection during SMP sessions

After each scalp micropigmentation session (or a touch up) follow these tips to ensure proper healing:

  • Stay away from the sun for about 1 ½ weeks. The skin will be irritated, and you must give it time to heal.
  • Avoid excessive sweating for two weeks after each session. Saunas and steam rooms should also be avoided.
  • Do not swim in lakes, oceans, or swimming pools for 10 days after the procedure. Microorganisms in water can infect healing wounds.
  • Do not use alcohol-containing products on your scalp as these can negatively affect the pigments of your hair tattoo.
  • Do not scrub your head, simply let water run over it for a short amount of time while showering.

Protecting your scalp from the sun after SMP

Over-exposure to the sun will accelerate scalp micropigmentation fading. If you’ve had a scalp micropigmentation treatment and want to protect your new look, protect your scalp from harmful UV rays with a good quality SPF 30+ sunscreen.

If you do not want to wear sunscreen you can opt for wearing a hat when you are in the sun for prolonged periods of time (more than 30 minutes). Suitable clothing can offer great protection. If you do wear a hat, make sure the material is thick. If the material is too thin, the sun’s rays will penetrate the hat.

In addition, consider moisturizing your scalp to keep your skin looking healthy. Water-based moisturizes are great for your scalp and will reduce shine. Ideally, you’ll want to moisturize your scalp after each shower and before going to bed. Lastly, dry skin will make your hairline look flaky and uneven so make sure to drink plenty of water to keep your skin’s elasticity.

How you care for your scalp will go a long way in preventing it from fading. During your scalp micropigmentation sessions, your practitioner will go over all these tips to get the most out of your procedure. For additional questions, please contact our office.

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