How To Prepare Your Scalp For Scalp Micropigmentation

After much thought and research on whether scalp micropigmentation is right for you, you are finally ready to take the leap and prepare for your first scalp micropigmentation session. To ensure the best possible results, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Shave your head

If you have a decent hairline and are only thinning on top, you may not need to shave your head. Book a consultation with Renata to find out the best recommendations for your SMP procedure. While not all clients will have to shave, most will. This is a big step for many and while it may feel a bit intimidating at first, it will be quite liberating at the end.

Shaving your head will make it easier for the technician to clean and wipe your scalp during your SMP procedure, easier to see your natural hair follicle placement, allow the technician to see any imperfections on your scalp and treat any dry patches to achieve ideal SMP results.

Moisturize your scalp

A healthy scalp is vital for the best-looking scalp micropigmentation procedure. When your skin is smooth and hydrated it is much easier to tattoo. Additionally, moisturized skin is less sensitive during the procedure and absorbs ink better, it will also heal faster.

For an extra-soft scalp, you can do a sugar scrub. You will need:

  • ½ a teaspoon of coconut oil
  • ½ a teaspoon of brown sugar

After shaving, rinse your scalp with lukewarm water. Massage the mixture into the scalp for a couple of minutes, then rinse off and pat dry. This scrub is great on hands and face as well. You may do this a couple of times before your first scalp micropigmentation session.

Avoid blood thinners

Avoid alcohol 24-48 hours before your scalp micropigmentation appointment. Drinking alcohol decreases the clumping together of clotting cells in the blood, causing you to experience more bleeding and uneven healing

Do not apply any hair fibres

During the consultation, the scalp will be checked for imperfections and dryness. Avoid using hair fibers or concealers which will clog the pores on your scalp and will be difficult to clean properly before the procedure.

Prepare for scalp micropigmentation post-care

Scalp micropigmentation requires no down-time and very minimal care; however, keep in mind there are a few precautions you will need to take to ensure your SMP stays looking amazing for years to come. During the summer days, skin can get dry because of the exposure to the sun and wind, sometimes due to the chlorine in the pool or saltwater in oceans. Learn how to protect yourself from the sun after scalp micropigmentation.

In the winter months the changes in temperature between indoors and outdoors cause the skin to be drier and more sensitive. Warm air at home, furnaces and electric heating also dries out the skin. You may notice more flaking, itchiness and sensitivity.

To avoid this, moisturize daily (especially after shower). Many men moisturize their face and hands but never moisturize their scalp.  Coconut oil is all natural, absorbs quickly and moisturizes well. We also recommended Aveeno lotion, which is a great moisturizer and is also matte, leaving the scalp moisturized, but not oily looking.

Take care of your skin. The better the canvas, the better the masterpiece. For additional questions or more information, get in touch with us.

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