If hairloss and receding hairline or a bald spot bothers you for some time already, it is safe to say that it will still bother you in the future and possibly it will bother you even more as your hairloss progresses.

Very often we have clients who are very cautious to proceed with Scalp Micropigmentation.  Sometimes it is because they are afraid of change, not sure if it will look good on them and if it will look natural.

Sometimes it is the financial situation and they just need a bit more time to save for the SMP procedure.  We have clients who call us a year or 2 years after the initial consultation and they are revisiting the idea of having SMP done.  After the treatment, they all say ‘I wish I did it long time ago, when I first came in for the consultation, instead of stressing about my hairloss for all that extra time.’

Research is good, and we recommend that you do your due diligence to find the best SMP provider, with experience and consistency in their work.  Watch what you read, cause on some forums everyone is an expert and gives you advice, even the new technicians who are in business for a couple of months or even other clients who are looking, reading, and then advising others without being trained in SMP and never even done a procedure.

The best solution is to invest a little time and book the consultation to meet with your technician and ask them questions,  let them explain the procedure in detail, and advise you how to proceed in the best way.

We specialize in SMP since 2014 and since then have hundreds of happy clients.  With an experienced technician, you can expect proper blending and natural-looking hairline.

Color of Ink

We match the color of the ink to the color of your hair follicles for best results.

Hairline Selection

We discuss the hairline design with you and guide you with the final decision for hairline outline.  We take into consideration the anatomy of your face, your age and ethnicity to frame your face perfectly.  At the same time, we make sure that the hairline is what you had in mind when you came in and like it, then and only then we proceed with the SMP sessions.

SMP for Thinning

After a HAIR Transplant, many clients don’t have the density they were hoping for.  Also, some people notice generalized, uniform hair thinning.   For all those clients we can add SMP to create the illusion of hair density.   That can be done with buzzed cut hair or even with long hair without the need of shaving.  This can help many men and women and can boost their confidence.

SMP is usually a 2-4 sessions procedure, depending on the extent of hairloss.  With experienced technicians you will notice less sessions and increased density and more uniform healed results.   There are new clinics that require 5-6 sessions (most of the time they work slower and space the impressions further apart).

So, if  you’re stressing about balding and hair loss,  if you’re wearing hats all the time, if you have to style your hair with hair fibers and sprays daily to cover thinning areas, this is a perfect time to reach out to us and get the answers to all you SMP related questions.

Start enjoying your new look sooner rather than later.

If you could turn back time?  Would you?

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