What is the COST of SMP? 

It really is more complicated than a simple quote. The cost of your scalp micropigmentation investment depends on your hair loss and the area we have to cover to achieve natural coverage and blending. Most clinics use the Norwood Scale of Baldness to classify their clients and quote them accordingly. 

Also the health of your scalp plays a role. If you have scar tissue from a previous hair transplant or scars from accidents, you may need more personal care and more sessions. If you have any skin conditions, they may require a different approach or more sessions also. 

The price may vary from $800 for small areas up to $4000 for Norwood 7 balding pattern. It may also be more for a full head alopecia client. For a lot of density clients the quote might be per session and again depending on the area we have to cover. 

Your investment is directly proportional to the experience of your technician. SMP is a luxury cosmetic procedure and it is very important to find a clinic that is reputable and consistently produces amazing results. With experienced technicians there is less chance of things going wrong , they have years of experience working on a variety of different types of skin and know what works and what doesn’t. 

It is possible to get a better quote from another top clinic as they offer specials from time to time or need models for the training purposes. 

There is a reason why some clinics are much cheaper than others, mainly it is the lack of experience that drives a lower quote, lack of a good portfolio of their OWN work and lack of consistent bookings. 

In that situation you might be taking a huge risk. Since SMP is a permanent procedure it is not easy to fix. It is not like a bad haircut. Most of the time it ends up being patchy with inconsistent deep impressions and very often too dark and will have an unnatural look. A lot of the bad SMP procedures need to be laser removed. Laser removal is a costly and a painful process that will take many sessions which will take months and additional cost. Then and only then it can be redone properly. 


Another reason for the price differences is the location of clinics. Bigger clinics in metropolitan cities might be more expensive than the smaller clinics because of their higher overheads. Since we are on this topic, I will also mention artists working from their homes or basements or even going to client’s homes and doing SMP on their couches. Definitely less overhead than the clinics that have a proper business address, but are these artists taking precautions for infection control, are they properly insured? Are they registered as a business? Is the Health Department inspecting them on a regular basis ? 

Nothing worse than getting infections from dirty needles or unsanitary surroundings.

So, as you can see it is important to do your research, the lowest price or the closest clinic should NOT be the deciding factor. 

When you choose your SMP clinic, you choose the final result of your scalp micropigmentation procedure – whether good or bad. 

Research your technician (and clinic) for consistent, great results, and good reviews. Book your consultation to meet in person, have your questions answered. Check the clinic. 

We have specialized in SMP since 2014. SMP is all we do. 

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