How Many Scalp Micropigmentation Sessions Do I Need?

For many men, balding can be devastating. Hair loss can destroy a man’s self-esteem and ruin his sense of identity. And even though we’ve put a man on the moon, to this day, there is no cure for male pattern baldness. In recent years, scalp micropigmentation has become a popular option for men who wish to stop worrying about their hair loss. Clients often ask how many scalp micropigmentation sessions are needed, and why more than one is needed. On today’s blog, find out why it is important to perform scalp micropigmentation in multiple sessions.

A little goes a long way

It is crucial to start the process with light pigment, then go progressively darker. No need to overdo it in the initial session by adding too much pigment or creating a hairline that is too low. Everyone’s skin is different, so the first session will allow us to gage how the scalp heals and how it retains the grey pigment.

Gradual progress

Once you’ve had some time to get used to your new look, the follow-up scalp micropigmentation session will provide a chance to evaluate how your skin is healing. At this point, the hairline can be further lowered, and/or we can add more density to the scalp. Rather than risking going too dark or too low, multiple sessions put you in control. You can make gradual adjustments on your second session, and even on the third one if you want to fine tune some details.

Everyone is different

The skin is the largest organ on the body, and it will react differently depending on the area of the body its on. Some parts of your scalp will hold the ink better than others. Therefore, it is best to have multiple scalp micropigmentation sessions to create the perfect look. It is nearly impossible to get everything to retain exactly as desired in one session. Typically, clients require 2-3 sessions to achieve the perfect look, spaced a few weeks apart from each other.

Most procedures take three sessions but sometimes clients are happy with only two. With some compromised skins, it may take four or more sessions to perfect it. An experienced technician knows how to create the right hair follicle density from the first session, and they will know how to apply the pigment at the ideal skin depth that will retain more pigment as the skin heals.  For this reason, it is worth going to an artist that is an expert on scalp micropigmentation.

How far apart should I schedule my scalp micropigmentation sessions?

Scalp micropigmentation sessions should be spaced out at minimum 1 week apart; however, it is best to wait it out a bit more and space them out between 3-4 weeks. At this time, the scalp will have fully healed and you will be able to see exactly what stays, what fades and where the technician could add and blend more. Contact us to find out how many scalp micropigmentation sessions are right for you.

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